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    CrossFit Kalos Sthenos

    CrossFit Kalos Sthenos

    26620 Valley Center Drive, #105 
    Canyon Country, CA 91351 

    Hours of Operation: Varies

    Call for Todays Workout Schedule or check it out online



    Kalos Sthenos.  -  Greek for beautiful strength/movement.

    (Its also the origination of the word “Calisthenics”)

    Kalos Sthenos CrossFit infuses a strong foundation in Kettle Bell Training with the Crossfit Philosophy. The Cross Fit program is designed for everyone’s scalability making it the perfect workout for any person no matter your level of athletic experience. Kalos Sthenos CrossFit is designed for everyone including athletes, moms, dads, grandparents and kids…everyone! It’s perfect for anybody looking to stay or get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

    The same routines and workout schedule for senior individuals with heart disease can and has been used to train to MMA Fighters one month before their televised bouts. The secret is adjusting the load and intensity, but the program, routine, and training schedule stays the same. From football to swimming, and ice hockey to martial arts, every athlete can benefit from Cross Fit Training.

    Kalos Sthenos CrossFit is located conveniently off of Soledad at the base of the Cross Valley connector, right next-door to Santa Clarita Valley Ju-Jitsu, behind Sherwin Williams Paint.  The environment of the Kalos Sthenos CrossFit gym is encouraging for any person to achieve their goals.

    The trainers and coaches know how to “push” you towards your target goals without over-pushing you into “Burnout”! Kalos Sthenos Crossfit has a flexible schedule with training sessions going on all the time. They will work with you to ensure you get the most out of every minute of training and cater to your individual needs.

    Owner and Head coach John Dev of Santa Clarita has been a personal trainer for the past 14 years. With a background ingymnastics, distance running, and weight training, Cross Training became a natural fit for John. His personal goal is that “first and foremost OWN the ‘Turkish Get Up’.  Why?  I've seen first hand in the past five years with hundreds of people the benefits of this ancient movement/exercise.  

    Also I want all the CrossFit movements/exercises to be Kalos Sthenos, BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT, BEAUTIFUL STRENGTH!”  Visit their website here, and sign up for your personalized training program today!

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    CrossFit Kalos Sthenos